Why is sport psychology important

The athletic demands are constantly escalating, the technical equipment is improving, the sport medicine is progressing, the coaches are increasing their requirements for their athletes, and consequently, every single athlete is increasing the expectancies on himself. In the last decades, more and more people consider sport psychology as an effective and important tool toward success. Sport psychology helps athletes to increase their performance, their mental stability, and strength. Athletes should not look for a sport psychologist only when having already an existing problem or a long-term failure. Sport psychologists should be integrated in the team of every athlete.

Sport brings a lot into children´s lives. Except of optimization of their health, children learn to win, handle to lose, they learn what self-denial, discipline and teamwork mean. There are many reasons why to engage in sport; however, as everything in our world also sport can have many negative effects on children or on athletes. Every sport causes some sort of stress. Athletes often experience fear of failing or disappointing themselves or others. In the same manner, parents strive their children beyond the limits and generate a big pressure on their children. Sometimes, coaches set high expectations and if the goals are not reached, athletes feel their disappointment. Likewise, sport causes many injuries and not every athlete is able to cope with that correctly.

Mental practice

Mental practice should become a daily habit in the training of every athlete. This practice has same role in the athletic preparation as for example practicing technique, tactic, endurance or speed. The athlete´s mind is very important in a successful journey. Hence, the mind needs to be practiced and strengthen. The correct mental practice can for example:

The mental practice uses many beneficial techniques. Some of the basic techniques are for example, positive thinking, imagery, goal settings or relaxation techniques. Every technique leaves a positive effect on athletes and it help them to cope with different obstacles during their sport career. Mental practice can help you to reach the success you desire, different techniques can help you improve to your full potential, so please do not hesitate to contact me.