Test your pre-performance anxiety

CSAI-2R (The revised competitive anxiety inventory) is specialized test designed by scientists (R. Cox, M. Matens, W. Russell, 2003) for athletes and sport psychologists. This test evaluates your pre-performance anxiety (somatic and cognitive) and self-confidence.

Below, you will see 17 statements which athletes use to describe their feelings before performance. Read every statement and evaluate how you feel before your competition.

1. I feel jittery
2. I am concerned that I may not do as well in this competition as I could
3. I feel self-confident
4. My body feels tense
5. I am concerned about losing
6. I feel tense in my stomach
7. I’m confident I can meet the challenge
8. I am concerned about choking under pressure
9. My heart is racing
10. I’m confident about performing well
11. I’m concerned about performing poorly
12. I feel my stomach sinking
13. I’m confident because I mentally picture myself reaching my goal
14. I’m concerned that others will be disappointed with my performance
15. My hands are clammy
16. I’m confident of coming through under pressure
17. My body feels tight

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